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275KV Transmission Line

Location: North area of Indonesian Sulawesi Island

Type: Two-circuit overhead transmission line

Grade: 275KV

Transmission Distance: 240km

Frequency: 50Hz 

Project Background:
       275KV transmission line is applied of two-circuit overhead transmission mode. Total length is about 240KM. It’s used to transmit electric power from PAMONA substation to PALOPO substation. And further reduction voltage to 150KV is made through transformer to be synchronized to PLN grid. Set up OPGW overhead optical cable to achieve data communication between PAMONA substation and PALOPO substation. We procured major equipment for this project including conductor, conductor fitting, insulator, optical cable, optical cable fitting and wiring tool etc.. We drafted respective procurement scheme possessing product characteristics and carried out quality management and progress control to ensure in time equipment delivery and to meet customer procurement needs.

Customer Need:
     1 Model selection and procurement of major equipment of line.,
     2 Equipment meets quality standard and on-site service requirement.
     3 Delivery on-time.

     1 Select best product model and supplier as per customer requirement.
     2 Select applicable standard content of equipment and make quality plan as per standard information bank.
     3 On-site supervision of production or procurement by professional supervision engineer.
     4 Timing feedback of supervision record and project progress.
     5 Inspection of unqualified item and tracking of solution situation.
     6 Strict project management and progress control to ensure quality project and delivery on time.
     7 Detailed document assembly of supervision process.

Customer Profit:
     1 Complete equipment procurement within planned schedule conveniently, which effectively avoids influence on time limit for a project.
     2 Reduce equipment procurement cost to ensure quality equipment and operation reliability.
     3 Real-time understanding of procurement situation through comprehensive supervision service.
     4 Traceable production record and on-site installation record.
     5 Reduce investment risk of project and economize operation cost.