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PLTA MALEA 2X3.6MW Hydropower Plant

Location: Middle area of Indonesian Sulawesi Island
Rated Capacity: 2X3.6MW
Frequency: 50Hz
Rated Water Head: 60m
Rated Flow: 6.96m3/s

Project Background:
      This project is located at middle mountain area of Sulawesi Island. Total installed capacity is 14.4MW. Two units of 3.6MW Francis horizontal water turbines of first stage project were placed in service in March 2012. Concerning of time limit of project, short time of equipment delivery is required at acquisition phase. We chose finished product procurement mode as per customer requirement. We selected and procured of Francis horizontal water turbine, generator unit, PLC silicon controlled rectifier excitation device, governor, main inlet valve and some tools and spare parts for this power plant to meet customer requirements which greatly shorten procurement cycle.


Customer Need: 
      1 Model selection of main & auxiliary machine set in hydroelectric station.
      2 Procurement of main & auxiliary machine set in hydroelectric station. 
      3 Shorter procurement cycle. 
      4 On-site technical guidance.

  1 Select best product model and finished product supplier as per customer requirement.
  2 Evaluate acceptance standard as per standard database content.
  3 Whole course record of equipment acceptance period.
  4 Whole course technical support of on-site installation service.
  5 Detailed document assembly of process.

Customer Profit:
  1 Complete equipment procurement within planned schedule conveniently to effectively avoid influence on time limit for a project.
  2 Reduce equipment procurement cost to ensure quality equipment and operation reliability.
  3 Traceable production record and on-site installation record.
  4 Whole life cycle service of equipment to improve production efficiency.
  5 Reduce investment risk of project and economize operation cost.