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POSO II 3×65MW Hydropower Plant

Location: North of Indonesian Sulawesi Island

Rated Capacity: 3X65MW

Frequency: 50Hz

Rated Water Head: 150m

Rated Flow: 48.873m3/s

Project Background:
      This project is one of the biggest equipment procurement EPC projects of our company. Total investment of this project is 1.2 billion RMB. This project is located at north of Indonesian Sulawesi Island. 3 Francis vertical units are installed. As an EPC partner of this project, we positively participated in the project since planning stage. And we participated in the entire process of equipment designing, procurement in China, on-site installation & debugging. And we supplied whole course quality and progress monitoring services. 

Customer Needs

    1 Design, selection, procurement and partial control change of complete set of project equipment.
       Major equipment includes: Francis vertical hydroelectric generator unit, excitation equipment, governor, main inlet valve, transformer, breaker, reactor, plant DC system, generator protection system, plant monitoring system, hydraulic equipment and other tools and spare parts. 
    2 Draft and implementation of project procurement plan and compositive control change.
3 Definition of project procurement process, implementation supervision and progress control.
4 Plan, guarantee and control of equipment quality.
5 Identification, analysis and judgement of project procurement risk.
    6 Equipment delivery control.
7 Record of process documents.

    1 Establish POSO project department to be responsible for management, coordination and promotion of entire project.
2 Draft EPC plan as per customer requirement and refer to ISO/GB/FEDIC standard, including project design, scope of supply, quality plan, scheduled plan and risk control etc.
3 Select best group of product model and supplier according to plan requirement.
4 Organization and promotion of design, manufacturing and scheduled progress connection between each supplier.
5 Organization and implementation of quality plan.
6 Professional supervision engineer carries out on-site supervision of quality plan and scheduled plan.
7 Inspection of unqualified item and tracking of processed result.
8 Judgement of supply chain risk
9 Strict on-site supervision which ensures quality equipment and on time delivery.
   10 Communication and coordination of entire process of project implementation.
   11 Detailed assembly of process documents.

Profit of Customer:
   1 Secure, high-efficiency project operation, which ensures project quality, cost and progress to be effectively controlled and guaranteed.
   2 Coordination between each supplier, which ensures achievement of each project stage, is helpful to promotion of entire project progress.
   3 Reduce implementation cost of project and ensure quality equipment and operation reliability.