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Equipment Purchase

       With the development of our business, we have established four offices in China’s major production bases of energy power equipment, transmission equipment as well as substation equipment, which formed the supplier network all over the country.

      Among our four branch offices, each of them has its specific advantage.
The advantage of Deyang office: Deyang is an industrial advanced city as one of the product bases of electric power equipment. The main product includes: hydro-turbine generator set, steam-turbine generator, nuclear generator, aerogenerator, alternating current(AC) motor, direct current(DC) motor, special motor, substation control equipment and auxiliary equipment, etc.

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      Wuhan office: Hubei Province(whose capital city is Wuhan) is not only the important industrial base but also one of the production bases of medium power generating equipment, there are many substation auxiliary equipment manufacturers in Wuhan, the main product includes generator excitation equipment, valve and speed regulator, etc.

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      Zhengzhou office: Henan Province(whose capital city is Zhengzhou) is the main production base of transmission equipment and crane equipment in China, the main product includes steel reinforced aluminum conductor for overhead lines and crane machinery, etc.

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      Shanghai(the head office) & Beijing(branch office): they are set up in the first and second integrative industrial base who has strong industrial and technology foundation. Products from generating equipment, automation equipment to transmission & substation equipments are all available in Shanghai and Beijing.

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      We have built a large database of supplier and product sample through the long time close partnership with the suppliers.

Supplier database

      The building of supplier database is an effective method in supplier management. We can find out the detailed information of the supplier from the database, and make the perfect supplier list which can reduce the time of finding suppliers. The construction of supplier database is a long-time work, and it can work well only with long-time storage and improvement.

Product sample database

      The product sample database includes the categories of product specification, parameter, range of use, etc according to the catalog of the suppliers, which can increase the efficiency of searching product and supplier. We can provide you the most reasonable proposal of supplier and product as soon as we get the information of the product.