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Quality Control

Standardization Database
      We built the standardization database of electric power industry by selecting and integrating the various resources both from China and foreign countries, which is the reference of quality control procedure. Our standardization system can provide you all-round quality inspection service, which includes the following:

     1 Our database covers almost all the standards in electric power industry, which includes standard IEC, ISO, Chinese Standards(GB), European Standards, ASME Standards, Japanese Industry Standards(JIS), etc.
     2 The database is from origin to destination which means the standards include related rules from material, process flow, inspection, packaging & transportation, installation to after-sales.
     3 As we integrated the standards, we carry out the plans and requirements from establishing the project, executing the contract to product delivery strictly according to the standardization database.

Quality & Process Management
      A complete purchase project generally needs many manufacturers in various places. To ensure the product we purchased meet your requirements, we provide full-range supervision & quality services from design, manufacture, inspection to installation & commissioning. These services can help you get the equipment & product beyond the quality and performance requirements and lower the risk.

Design Review
      We have professional technology and resource to provide you:

     1 The product design meets the requirement in the project contract
     2 The examination of supplier proposal’s technology advancement and feasibility
     3 The design proposal meets the requirements of limiting conditions like packaging, transportation, installation at site and usage
     4 The product design is completely up to the examination of related standards
     5 The product design meets the requirements of safety and environment

      We have engineering team and experience in manufacturing supervision. We can provide supervision service to supervise the implement of the process according to the standard and decrease the technical risk & mistake, and make sure the product can be completed on time. Your product information needed can be satisfied in any time at any place. We provide the following services for common supervision:

     1 Make quality prospectus; draw up the outline of quality task, process examination time, ex-factory acceptance
     2 Supervise the recheck process of product
     3 Patrol the working process, supervise the presentation of manufacturer’s quality system
     4 Evaluate the quality examination time in process, preparation of ex-factory test, test witness and test result
     5 Daily record and track of quality problems
     6 Whole process track of rectifying and improving the nonconforming items
     7 Management and delivery of quality process files

Process Management
      The delay of delivering the product is an obstructor for the whole process. Our supervision engineers will investigate the supplier’s time schedule to make sure the supplier execute his obligation and the delivery of product be on time.
      Our process management service covers every aspect of purchasing process, it includes:

     1 Make detailed time schedule of each process, including blanking, processing, assembling, inspection, packaging & delivery 
     2 Divide the schedule according to the product value to make the process data with financial value
     3 Supervise the execution of schedule with daily statement, weekly statement and monthly statement
     4 Take measures for delaying and rectifying & improving and supervise the execution

     Our process management service can make you:
     1 Find out the site situation regularly and follow up the latest progress
     2 Analyze the delaying possibility and evaluate the whole project
     3 Make sure the product/equipment can be delivered on time

Supply chain safety management
      With our professional supervision engineering team, we can provide you with site investigation, situation confirmation and information report to ensure the safety of the supply chain, our supervision service can help you:
     1 Find out the site situation regularly and follow up the latest progress
     2 Ensure your investment and purchase with supervision work at site
     3 Ensure the work can be completed within the time limit of process schedule
     4 Check out the possible problems in time and report regularly
     5 Survey and analyze the factors that might influence the quality or time of delivery
     6 Carry up the safety problems


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