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Electric Power Business Introduction


        As the purchasing agent of power equipment and assorted technology, we commit ourselves to provide purchase plan for our customers in power industry to increase purchase efficiency as well as lower purchase cost and risk. With many years’ experience, we have established steady supplier system and database of standardization and product, which enables our outstanding achievement in the following businesses:


Energy Generation Business:

        Energy generation has been the key business of our company. We integrate the power industrial resources in China, which contributes a lot in the services like choosing and purchasing the product like hydroelectric set, thermal generating set, diesel (gas) engine, also the technical service at site. In addition, we provide professional installation technical service at site so that the product performance can be guaranteed and product life cycle can be extended.


Transmission Equipment Business: 

        Transmission equipment is very important in transmitting the electrical energy to the user, therefore is the important part of power transmission and distribution. We integrate the industrial resources in China, such as tower, optical cable, fitting, insulator and assorted equipment so that we can provide the best product, solution and related service. We participated in many projects both inland and abroad of product purchase, which increased our resource integrating ability in transmission technology and purchase channel, etc.


Substation Equipment Business:

        Substation equipment is the switch and distribution center of power system. Our years’ project experience and perfect service system can guarantee the excellent power system, product and service which can satisfy almost any transformer substation.

        In addition to the substation project contract, we have outstanding achievement in 500KV power transformer, circuit breaker, reactor, switch disconnecter, etc.