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Project Knowledge

Introduction to Hydro-Turbine Generator Unit

Date: 2013-04-01 10:53:30      Views: 1881

1 Introduction to Hydro-Turbine Generator Unit
     Powerplant consists of turbine and generator. It’s set in hydro plant to transfer water energy to electric energy. Turbine works as prime mover in the unit. It runs based on water energy to drive the generator to generate.

2 Selection of Turbine Generator Unit
     In hydro plant design, correct, reasonable selection of turbine and generator is directly related to  making the best of water energy, ensuring normal operation of plant unit, reducing cost and saving management expenses, etc. Selection of turbine generator unit shall be as per basic documents. Basic documents include basic parameters of power plant and essential diagrams, design hand book, mainly as follows: 
     1) Development model and regulation performance of reservoir
     2) Working water head of hydro plant (including maximum head, minimum head, weight average head, rated head and head guarantee rate curve)
     3) Quoted flow Q of hydro plant and respective guarantee rate curve, relationship curve of downstream water level and flow
     4) Installed capacity of hydro plant
     5) Upstream, downstream water level
     6) Sediment charge, type and gradation of river water 
     7) Water temperature
     8) Operational mode of power house in electric power system and respective data of electric power system
     9) External transportation situations of power house
     10) Turbine runner model characteristic curve and respective diagrams, mainly are data like product catalogues, sample books etc. from turbine generator unit manufacturer.