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POSO II 3×65MW Hydropower Plant
This project is one of the biggest equipment procurement EPC projects of our company. Total investment of this project is 1.2 billion RMB. This project is located at north of Indonesian Sulawesi Island. 3 Francis vertical units are installed. As an EPC partner of this project, we positively participated in the project since p...MORE>>
275KV Transmission Line
275KV transmission line is applied of two-circuit overhead transmission mode. Total length is about 240KM. It’s used to transmit electric power from PAMONA substation to PALOPO substation. And further reduction voltage to 150KV is made through transformer to be synchronized to PLN grid. Set up OPGW overhead optical cable to achieve...MORE>>
275/150KV PALOPO Substation
PALOPO substation is one step-down substation of 275KV transmission line. This substation is near PALOPO city of Indonesian South Sulawesi Province geographically. This substation is normal outdoor type. It has duplicate-busbar and single breaker. It has two voltage levels as 275KV and 150KV. We participated in equipment procurement...MORE>>
PLTA MALEA 2X3.6MW Hydropower Plant
This project is located at middle mountain area of Sulawesi Island. Total installed capacity is 14.4MW. Two units of 3.6MW Francis horizontal water turbines of first stage project were placed in service in March 2012. Concerning of time limit of project, short time of equipment delivery is required at acquisition phase. We chose fin...MORE>>
BENGKULU 3X4MW Hydropower Plant
This project is located at south-west mountain area of Sumatra Island. Unit type is Francis horizontal water turbine. Total installed capacity is 16MW. Three units of 4MW Francis horizontal water turbines of first-stage project were placed in service in June 2012. Scope of service of our company includes selection and procurement of...MORE>>