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Project Knowledge

Introduction to Substation System
The main function of substation system is to raise or reduce primary side voltage by transformer, and then transmit it through secondary side. Raising the voltage is to reduce loss in long-distance transmission of electric energy, like 500kV high voltage transmission etc. Reducing voltage is for the use purpose of respective voltage level...MORE>>
Principle and Structure of High Voltage Transmission Line
A method which may boost and transmit output voltage of generator by transformer in power plant is called high voltage transmission. This kind of transmission method is applied because that under the same transmission power, the higher the voltage is, the smaller the current is. Therefore high voltage transmission may reduce current in po...MORE>>
Introduction to Hydro-Turbine Generator Unit
Powerplant consists of turbine and generator. It’s set in hydro plant to transfer water energy to electric energy. Turbine works as prime mover in the unit. It runs based on water energy to drive the generator to generate....MORE>>